List All Files to CSV and Copy to Your Local Machine

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    I recently realized that the backup job I’ve been creating hasn’t been properly deleting the files. Using this script I’m able to find all files in a folder (and it’s subfolders) so I can determine which files should be deleted. Since this is quicker to do on the remote server than my local machine, the last part is to copy the CSV to C:\Temp on my laptop. TheĀ date calls are just there as indicators of how long each step takes.

    $today=$(Get-Date -Format u).Substring(0,10).replace("-","") date Get-ChildItem -Path "\\UNCServer\backup\directory\" -Recurse | Select-Object DirectoryName,BaseName, Extension, Length, CreationTime | Export-Csv -Path D:\Install\FileListing_$($today).csv date copy "D:\Install\FileListing_$($today).csv" "\\tsclient\C\Temp\" date
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